Every year I look forward to going to our Christmas Eve candle light service. I love to pause and remember the reason behind this very busy season and savor the thought that Christ is with us. But this year, I know it will hold a whole new meaning for me. I find that I wrestle … Continue reading Starlight


I run at the YMCA a lot. They have an indoor track where you have to run 17 laps to complete a mile. If you don’t know what it’s like to feel as if you’re going in circles in life, just go to the Y. Anyways- outside the track’s entrance is a sign which tells … Continue reading Heritage


My husband, Brandon, and I were driving to his parents’ house for a family gathering. It was summer time, and we were driving in the direction towards the beach – aka, we were in a lot of traffic. Suddenly, we are stopped behind a big rig. Our minivan was literally inching along on the highway. … Continue reading Gaze


I recently read a blog by Lisa Bevere about a lion or lioness’ ability to roar. In her post, she says that even though they have this great ability, the lion or lioness is strategic on how they use their voice.  In the wild, if they use it too often, their dinner might run off, their hiding … Continue reading Lioness