Every year I look forward to going to our Christmas Eve candle light service. I love to pause and remember the reason behind this very busy season and savor the thought that Christ is with us. But this year, I know it will hold a whole new meaning for me. I find that I wrestle … Continue reading Starlight


I run at the YMCA a lot. They have an indoor track where you have to run 17 laps to complete a mile. If you don’t know what it’s like to feel as if you’re going in circles in life, just go to the Y. Anyways- outside the track’s entrance is a sign which tells … Continue reading Heritage

Open Handed

Back in January of 2017, Hannah and I set aside two weeks for prayer and fasting. For our fast, we decided to give up one of the things most precious to us- our evening routine with Netflix. I know you were thinking something saintlier, but when you have three kids, the battles over bedtime can … Continue reading Open Handed